DevOps Engineer – Awesome Health Team

About our Partner

We are hiring for our client, the startup company Awesome Health. Awesome Health is looking to provide exceptional care for the most underserved conditions in women’s health by using state-of-the-art genomics, predictive intelligence, and digital technologies to create an experience that is unified, coordinated, and provides personalized services and products that are meaningful and effective for women.

Position Overview

We are looking for a mid to senior DevOps Engineer to join client’s Special Projects team as they look to innovate and grow the product offering. We’re looking for a goal-minded person that will be responsible for the existing AWS infrastructure and CI/CD automation. An ideal candidate is a passionate professional engineer or a systems person with excellent communication skills. We’re looking for someone who has managed cloud-based infrastructure and created automations and pipelines to help release software to the world with ease and safety.

Tech stack consists of frontend Applications using React/Next, backend with PHP/Symfony and Java, database systems utilizing Postgres, Redis, Redshift and MySQL. Everything is in Dockerized Containers and managed in AWS fully using Terraform, and using ArgoCD and Github actions for CI/CD.

Key Responsibilities

  • Implement changes needed for our infrastructure.
  • Setting up monitoring and implementing best security practices.
  • Respond to possible infrastructure or software downtimes.
  • Guide the team in creating CI and CD pipelines for their software.

Desired Qualifications

  • Hands on experience in managing cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, or similar).
  • Experience in working with container orchestration (Kubernetes, ECS/EKS, or similar)
  • Experience with Infrastructure as code (Terraform).
  • Experience in working with CI and CD pipelines (ArgoCD, Github Actions, Gitlab CI, CircleCI or similar)
  • Fluent in English (spoken and written).
  • The following experiences are not required, but will help you stand out:
    • SOC2 / HIPAA and security audits and best practices
    • TCP/IP Network Routing & Debugging
    • DNS Fundamentals including AXFR transfers
    • Scripting (bash or similar)

What we offer

  • Mix of serious projects and great working atmosphere, well recognized on market.
  • Dynamic international work environment.
  • Skilled and senior co-workers.
  • Proper financial compensation.
  • Private medical care.
  • Personal and professional development – internal Tech talks and soft skills trainings.


Bakson Ltd is a software development company based in Belgrade. We are working with teams around the world and take pride on variety of projects we handle and technology we use.


Our workflow is inspired by Agile and Lean principles. We’re not devoted to Scrum or any other framework, but are trying to work in small batches, with fast feedback and very close interaction with product owners.

The emphasis in our team is on collaboration and mutual support – sharing project workflow with globally distributed teams, contributing code to core global services and applications, and encouraging cultural exchange between development groups. Bakson encourages working from home, and the distributed nature of our teams requires us to have flexibility around working hours. We’re familiar with asynchronous and remote work. A Software Engineer in our company is a core writer of code, but also an inspirer and an exemplar to other developers…

Basically, what we care about is that you are a self-starter, happy to work with others, and prepared to adapt and do your best.


We aim for our hiring process to be as collaborative and realistic as possible, so it’ll be focused on writing and reviewing code – both written by you and by others. We want you to feel like you’d be comfortable working with us, and we also want to feel the same way, so you’ll meet quite a few of the team, and interact with them in as close to a life-like way as possible. This is a two-way street – we’re keen for you to like us as much as the other way around. If you’d like get started, you can apply by pressing the “apply” button on this webpage or by sending a CV or an introductory email to [email protected]

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