Java Developer – Ticketmaster team

We are seeking talented, highly motivated medior to senior Developers to join our Ticketmaster team. As developer at Bakson/Ticketmaster, you’ll work with colleagues focused on code quality, scalability and observability.
Engineers are accountable of the quality of the code and features they build, that includes being responsible of testing (unit, integration, end to end, performance), CI/CD.
We are looking for someone eager to learn and able to adapt to change with the willingness to work on multiple projects with a large variety of technologies.
You will be part of a DevOps & Agile team, responsible of the full end to end delivery of new functionalities, including testing and production support.


  • Develop core platform services on-premises and on AWS
  • Plan stories and iterations to achieve product goals and roadmaps
  • Ensure quality by creating solid automated tests and deployments using gitlab pipelines
  • Ensure application observability, performance and recovery
  • Production support (pager duty rotation)
  • Interact with product manager and other internal development related teams


  • Extensive experience with BackEnd development
  • In-depth knowledge (3+ years) of Java, SpringBoot and JPA
  • Hands-on experience with relational database
  • Experience with distributed microservice and cloud-based architectures
  • Familiar with DevOps tools and technologies (production deployments, observability, operations, monitoring and alerting)
  • Familiar with continuous delivery/deployment best practices and guidelines
  • Knowledge of Design Patterns and SOLID principles
  • Experience with the C++ development language is a plus


  • Autonomous and proactive
  • Passionate about technology and transformation
  • Ambitious and open to learn and adapt new technologies and tools
  • Self-motivated activator, energetic and tenacious
  • Comfortable with working in cross functional and multidisciplinary teams
  • Excited about taking on challenging technical problems and devising creative solutions
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate closely with remote team members


  • A flat team structure and a highly collaborative culture that values progress over perfection and encourages creativity, innovation and diversity
  • A highly motivated global team of colleagues
  • A flexible working style


Bakson Ltd is a software development company based in Belgrade. We are working with teams around the world and take pride on variety of projects we handle and technology we use.


Our workflow is inspired by Agile and Lean principles. We’re not devoted to Scrum or any other framework, but are trying to work in small batches, with fast feedback and very close interaction with product owners.

The emphasis in our team is on collaboration and mutual support – sharing project workflow with globally distributed teams, contributing code to core global services and applications, and encouraging cultural exchange between development groups. Ticketmaster encourages working from home, and the distributed nature of our teams requires us to have flexibility around working hours. We’re familiar with asynchronous and remote work. A Software Engineer in our company is a core writer of code, but also an inspirer and an exemplar to other developers…

Basically, what we care about is that you are a self-starter, happy to work with others, and prepared to adapt and do your best.


We aim for our hiring process to be as collaborative and realistic as possible, so it’ll be focused on writing and reviewing code – both written by you and by others. We want you to feel like you’d be comfortable working with us, and we also want to feel the same way, so you’ll meet quite a few of the team, and interact with them in as close to a life-like way as possible. This is a two-way street – we’re keen for you to like us as much as the other way around. If you’d like get started, you can apply by pressing the “apply” button on this webpage or by sending a CV or an introductory email to

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